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Professional Events

Our coverage ensures your your event resonates beyond the gate and after the date.

Keynote Video

An edited two-camera video of your complete remarks (additional cameras available) with short highlights for press delivery (24 hour press rush available on highlight bytes).


Interview Booth

We'll collaborate to develop questions that get a pulse on the crowd, develop the enthusiasm, and capture the feeling.  



Show off (and assess) the scale and attendance of your event.


B Roll

Tells the story of the work you put into your event and its impact.  Delivered as a silent reel of clips.

From 600, included in packages over 1500.

Edited Videos

Let us put it together for you.  For social media, web, presentation, and more.  With licensed music from 700.

Candid Stills

About 100 candid stills to tell the story.


Let's get to work!


Thanks for submitting!

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